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This Small Cap Restaurant May Be The Best Growth Story

The recent initial public offering of Zoe's Kitchen (ZOES) caught our attention. The fast-casual Mediterranean-inspired restaurant is anticipating some major growth in coming years, enough to make small-cap aggressive growth money managers' heads spin. With its unique, customer-value proposition and family-oriented target market, the firm's business model appears highly scalable. Though we think Zoe's Kitchen's shares are priced to perfection -- meaning execution risk is elevated -- it's hard to find much fault from an operational standpoint. Still, any slip up in the firm's growth trajectory in any given quarter could send the shares a-tumbling. Aggressive growth investors know what we're talking about. Let's take a look at the firm's shares through the rigors of a discounted cash flow model.

Zoe's Kitchen's Investment Considerations

Investment Highlights

• 'Born in the Mediterranean, raised in the South, and bringing Mediterranean mainstream,' Zoe's Kitchen is a fast-growing, fast-casual restaurant concept. It offers a… Read More …