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The men behind Zerohedge revealed to be wealthy douchebags

ZH has a pretty great response to this, complete with texts from the guy. I’m kind of sad about this. You could reliably tell how batshiat someone is by how fervently they believe what they read in ZeroHedge. It’s like WND for people who know just enough about finance to be dangerous, but not enough to know they’re idiots. Zero Hedge has never been a reality check. It’s just a permabear meeting place for people who want to pretend that their decision to check out of the financial markets and plow all their money into gold and bitcoins is a wise choice. It’s for Paultards.
What I absolutely loved about the Tyler Durden moniker in relation to ZeroHedge (and frankly all these guys who idolize Pitt’s portrayal of Durden) is that Fight Club the movie is about a man losing his grip on his sanity and a cult of personality that crops up around him.

But of course these dudes are all like “Yeah Tyler Durden! He’s so cool let’s ignore the rest of the movie!”

If your assessment of every single thing you encounter is “HOLY F*CKBALLS IT’S GOING TO FAIL CATASTROPHICALLY!!!,” the law of averages says you’ll eventually be right.