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Blame for Northwest Bio Collapse Lies With CEO, Not With Mythical 'Wolfpack'

The deep plunge in the value of Northwest Bio shares coincides with the "temporary" halt to the company-sponsored phase III study of its brain cancer vaccine DCVax-L. Since last August, Northwest Bio has been unable to enroll patients into the study. Without patients to complete enrollment, the DCVax-L study has been effectively shut down for almost one year. More recently in regulatory filings, the company admits the study may never reopen for enrollment.

The conduct and outcome of this phase III study is the most important drug-development activity at Northwest Bio. Yet incredibly, Northwest Bio CEO Linda Powers and her executive team have remained silent on the reason(s) for the study's freeze. Demands for answers from supporters and critics of the company have been met with stony silence from management. The company doesn't hold conference calls or present at health care investor conferences. The company has been basically news free since last summer, outside of announcing a series of desperation rounds of financing at lower and lower prices.

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