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You Can't Do Business With Just Anybody

Should you do business with whoever you like? Or whoever comes your Why? Because. You want to preserve the presence that your brand has already established. If you do decide to take your business to the next level, then those choices must be in alignment with your set business tactics. Do not be one of those people who are so eager to advance, that they commit to prospect arrangements without making any considerations. Let's say you are the owner of a pizza shop that is looking for a pizza box vendor. Company A offers you a surplus amount monthly for a low price. Company B offers you a set amount of boxes, lower than A at a rate that is $15 more than A. Company A has reputation having low-quality boxes, while company B is the best pizza box distributor in town. So how do you make this decision about who to go with? Take a look at the stance of your shop. Many factors determine this such as business goal, budget, level, target audience, product quality etc. If you envision your pizza shop becoming a five-star shop for middle-class people one day, you may want to give up a little more money and go with Company B. They are already known as the best distributor with quality boxes. If you went for Company A you might be putting your brand at risk. If your customers are going home with cheap boxes that won't close and keep their pizza warm, your shop will become known for poor packaging. The people that just want to come and grab a quick bite won't consider your shop, hence posting negative on the business. Connections after reputations big time! You are also a sales person, don't fall for sales pitches! Always investigate the mannerism and stance of a company before making the decision to attach their endeavors with yours.