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The REIT Spin-off: Solid Strategy or Corporate Fad?

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It’s gone from an obscure industry term to the sort of investment buzzword whose use extends far beyond the worlds of real estate and Wall Street, entering the parlance of everyday media outlets and the lay public.

There’s a good reason for this: the corporate structure has seen a tremendous boost in popularity during the last couple of real estate cycles: the early aughts CRE bubble brought more and more investment capital to REITs across asset types up until the market downturn, and then the REIT concept saw a second wind as investors saw an opportunity for stability and yield during the incredibly bearish years of 2009-2011 or so. The tax-advantaged, carefully regulated nature of REITs is certainly attractive to stakeholders, and to investors/developers/operators, since the REIT structure has proven a fundraising juggernaut for the capital-intensive commercial real estate space.

As the REIT concept has emerged into the mainstream (thanks to recognition by S&P and major media), two major trends have...