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Why The Beautiful New Greek Government Is Screwed

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, often in a good-cop-bad-cop manner, have been cruising through the media, lobbing a mix of admirable rhetoric, verbal hand grenades, and down-to-earth explanations. And they have become white-hot media darlings.

So Varoufakis was in Germany to meet with his counterpart, Wolfgang Schäuble, and they didn't "even agree to disagree," he said. He urged Germany to help end the "gross indignity" of the Greek debt crisis. The Troika's austerity program had wasted "too much time, hopes, lives," he said.

But it's all about other people's money.

They'd come to power with a pledge to wipe out half of Greece's insurmountable pile of debt. Debt restructuring, debt exchange, more haircuts for bondholders, exit from the Eurozone… these are the kind of terms that Syriza party officials have bandied about before and after the election victory.

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