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Actionable news in SVU: SUPERVALU Inc,

The Dirt Cheap Value Portfolio: 'A Blessing And A Curse'


WPRT dumps CEO, replaces with COO.

High Reward Doesn't Always Translate into High Risk.

SVU is Awarded Marsh Supermarkets Distribution Business, grabs 22 Food Lion Locations.

JVA Maintains its Relentless Tear, Catapulting Another 20%.

Portfolio is Set to Double in Next 12 Months.

It has sure been a blast for stock market investors, since the last time I updated. The DJIA has assented to new highs, tacking on a 4% gain to 18,571, while my little bag of stocks did 70% better than the Dow, tacking on a 6.8% rise from $29.29 to $31.31 (go figure on the repeating numbers). The big star was Coffee Holdings Inc, with a 20% appreciation clip, on its way to the moon. Both Bridgford Foods and SuperValu were no slouches either, each juicing another 11% higher. Luby's was essentially flat, with a 2% leak, while the "booby prize" was awarded to Westport Fuel Systems, due to its 20% shellacking.

the esteemed list:

Coffee Holdings Company Inc. (NASDAQ:JVA): these guys are so hot, that their coffee will burn your mouth. It has been just four months since the shares hit a new 52 week low, but then thankfully, went on a relentless rally, essentially doubling. I have been able to confirm, that the company has finally began shipping its Cafe Caribe brand to Wal-Mart, but was unsuccessful in finding out when shipments are set to begin, for both their Smart and Final and Grocers Supply new business opportunities.

I think it is safe to say, we won't hear anything on the status, until the company releases its 3rd quarter results in September. In the meantime, I was encouraged to see the CEO purchase shares in the open market-that's always a good thing. During last year's third quarter the coffee purveyor posted 2 cents in earnings, from a top line of $27 million. Although, the coming third quarter will show a slight dip in sales, earnings could be boosted to 15 cents.

Bridgford Foods (NASDAQ:BRID): this one just continues to plug along on extremely low volume, as it makes new highs. I am going to contact the CEO about an update, regarding their development plans in downtown Chicago. The three hundred unit apartment building they are planning, at the...