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Let's Make a Deal...and Some New Highs

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Broadcom’s bid for Qualcomm allowed for a fresh tally of all-time highs to start the week. If this more than $100 billion deal goes through, it would be the tech sector’s biggest acquisition in history. 

“Things kicked off with Broadcom’s rumored announcement of a $103 billion unsolicited offer for Qualcomm. The rumor leaked last week, sending both stocks moving higher. When the official numbers hit the airwaves investors cheered the move again. This helped set a bullish tone on the street which carried over to the rest of the tech space,” said Dave in Surprise Trader and Momentum Trader. 

Due to the proposed deal and another solid day for Apple (+1%), the NASDAQ led its counterparts on Monday with a 0.33% advance to 6786.4. Meanwhile, the S&P gained 0.13% to 2591.1 and the Dow increased 0.04% to 23,548.4. All of these results were records. 

Black Box Trader was the most active portfolio on Monday with four swaps in all. Learn about these moves in the highlights section below, along with this week’s Zacks Confidential and a bit of analysis from Counterstrike

Today's Portfolio Highlights: 

Black Box Trader: The portfolio swapped out four positions this week. The sold stocks were:

• Wal-Mart Stores (WMT, +3.5%)
• Restoration Hardware (RH, +0.3%)
• CarMax Inc. (KMX, +0.8%)
• Meritor Inc. (MTOR)

The new buys that replaced these names are:

• PBF Energy (PBF)
• CNH Industrial (CNHI)
• HP Inc. (HPQ)
• Tyson Foods (TSN) 

Read the Black Box Trader’s Guide to learn more about this computer-driven service designed to take the emotion out of investing. 

Zacks Confidential: Investors don’t often think that explosive tech stocks can also have attractive dividends. They are two things that just don’t go together, right? Neena Mishra says… “WRONG!” Tech stocks have actually been among the largest contributors to dividend growth in public companies for about 10 years now. Kevin has given Neena the keys to this week’s Zacks Confidential to explain. Read her detailed article and get three recommendations by clicking: Hot Tech Stocks with Juicy Dividends. 

Counterstrike: "Tax reform will be on watch over the next couple weeks as congress gets together to work out the details of tax reform. The biggest risk to the market right now is that the bill hits a major snag like health care. 

"For the remainder of the month I am focusing on tax reform headlines and the probability of it actually getting done. Simply stated the higher the probability of a deal, the higher the market goes. However, if we run into roadblocks, I expect the market to sell off quickly. 

"My watch list is growing, but stocks keep grinding higher. I expect to have a buy later this week, so somewhat rooting for a market pullback. Until then, we should expect the market grind higher that we saw today." -- Jeremy Mullin

All the Best,
Jim Giaquinto

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