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Facebook Reneges On Harvard Student’s Internship For Exposing Privacy Flaws

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) denied Aran Khanna an internship after the company learned that his app highlighted a flaw in its Messenger service, says a report from His app made use of a privacy flaw in the Messenger app that automatically shares a user’s location with anyone they message. Of note, Facebook was aware of the flaw in question for three years and did nothing about it.

Aran exposed privacy flaws

Aran’s app, called the Marauder’s Map, is a Chrome extension that uses Facebook Messenger to track where users are when they send messages.

The App went viral just after Aran tweeted about it on May 26 and posted it on Reddit and Medium. Facebook also instantly heard about the app. The social giant asked Khanna to disable the app after three days, and then went ahead and...