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Why Ford And GM Will Reward Shareholders In 2015 With Rising Sales And Growing Dividends

U.S. automakers Ford Motor Co. (F) and General Motors (GM) are benefiting from a number of catalysts working in their favor. They are enjoying strong sales momentum in the United States, thanks to low gas prices, and low interest rates. In addition, they are strengthening in the international markets like China. These forces combined in their favor last year, as Ford and GM both put up impressive sales.

The key question going forward is whether this momentum can continue in the upcoming year. Here's why I believe it can.

Dividend Increases Are Indications Of Management's Confidence

Both Ford and GM delivered 20% dividend increases to shareholders recently, reflecting the progress both companies made last year. This is possible because their fundamentals are steadily improving. Ford's profits fell 56% last year, but this is misleading. Sales were impressive across several Ford brands. The Escape and Fusion models had record sales… Read More …