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Tesla has delivered the first Model X SUVs

The first Tesla Model X SUVs have been delivered to six lucky customers.

Elon Musk handed over the keys Tuesday during an event near the automaker's factory in northern California. The CEO said that the new all-electric SUV has so many new features, that if he could start over, he would have produced a simpler design.

"I think we got a little carried away with the X," Musk told reporters.

The biggest engineering challenge was the Model X's "falcon wing" doors. They're hinged at the top, so they open upwards, but they also have an "elbow" that bends in the center. The extra joint allows the doors to swing out as little as possible while opening.

The doors have sensors to detect nearby objects, which should keep them from striking objects or limbs that might be in the way. If that's not cool enough, the driver's-side door can open and close for the approaching driver without a single human touch.

There's even more innovation packed into the new model: The Model X's air conditioning system has a "Bio-weapon Defense" mode that prevents any bacteria or viruses from entering the vehicle. The SUV's windshield curves up past the front of the roof-line, creating a sort of sunroof over the front seats.