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ClickSoftware Rumor - Seeking A Buyer

ClickSoftware (CKSW) reported fourth quarter and full-year earnings for 2014 on February 4th before the market opened. Whether it was done purposefully or not, a news item was published a few hours earlier claiming ClickSoftware had put itself on the market. The earnings report nor the subsequent conference call mentioned any such news. As the earnings report and rumor were processed, ClickSoftware's share price vacillated between a 4.4% and a 21.8% gain. The price settled at $7.88, an 11.8% gain.

The report claimed Click Software set an asking price of $300 million. On one hand, the amount was a glaring signal that the report was likely false. Yet, if the news were true, ClickSoftware shareholders would have justification to be outraged. ClickSoftware has approximately 33 million outstanding shares. At $300 million, that equates to a sale price of $9.09 per share. Based on the closing price of $7.05 on February… Read More …