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Intel And AMD: A Marriage On The Cards?


AMD recently introduced the AMD XConnect technology, its latest innovation for the gaming industry.

Intel just launched its much-expected Skull Canyon NUC. It could be equipped with AMD’s dedicated graphics cards.

Intel is interested in licensing AMD’s patents and currently at the negotiation table with AMD for a potential deal.

AMD (NASDAQ:AMD) recently introduced AMD XConnect technology, which will allow gamers to configure external GPU enclosures with AMD's external Radeon graphics cards. It will be easier to connect or disconnect the external GPU enclosure to a compatible notebook or 2-in-1 using Intel's (NASDAQ:INTC) Thunderbolt 3 connector, which is capable of providing up to 40Gbps bandwidth.

Intel is also taking gamers seriously of late. It just launched its next version of the Next Unit of Computing - or NUC - the Skull Canyon NUC. Although an NUC is not essentially a gaming device, I'm sure gamers will love the new Skull Canyon NUC. Intel and AMD are seriously trying to offer gamers portability/mobility (games on the go) and improved user experience along with superior gaming performance. An Intel-AMD marriage could be on the cards as well.

AMD and Intel Are Changing the Gaming Industry Landscape

Desktop-based games are more popular because desktops offer more power and flexibility compared to mobile computers like notebook or 2-in-1, which are constrained by the laws of thermodynamics. As far as graphics is concerned, mobile computers offer reduced performance compared to desktop PCs due insufficient cooling options. The net result is gamers have to sacrifice either portability or performance.

The goal of Intel and...