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Rally May Now be at a Pivotal Point

Okay, the S&P 500 ran right into resistance of its 50-day moving average yesterday.

Futures are lower this morning, yet off of the lows.

Can’t say we will for sure open lower or close lower.

This is what we have expected, so far.

As I wrote on 9/29 – “We may get a rally from here within the next few days… I will see if a counter-trend rally from the lows plays out.

On Oct 2nd – “…expecting a rally into resistance of either the previous highs or the moving averages, then another pull-back.”

On the 5th – “I don’t like to predict nor listen to the crowd, however that scenario does seem likely.”

Cut to today, and there are a few things of technical note.

The Dow is leading as it broke out of its downtrend on Monday and now is above its 50 DMA.

Not sure I like when the Dow leads.

The S&P is at resistance.

The Nasdaq is lagging, and still in a downtrend under its moving averages.

Feels like what could be another pivotal day, today.

I would have to throw in that, with news due from the Fed today with the release of the September meeting minutes, anything is possible by the close.

We will see and just have to trade what the market gives us.

So far, that has not been much.

It’s been tough. It will get better and it may be getting better as this rally is gaining traction.

Yesterday, I issued a SELL: TradeTicket Alert at 2:20 PM on our JCOM.

Just being prudent and taking what profits we can.

Would love to see some really fundamentally sound stocks setting up in bullish bases of consolidation.

So far that has not been the case, but those have been our bread and butter for many years and have paid very well.

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