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Could These Be the Updated iPhone 7 Lightning Cable Earphones?

After the rumors of the upcoming iPhone 7 nixing the headphone jacks in favor for a more streamlined chassis started spreading, it left many people wondering how they’d listen to music without Bluetooth headphones, if it were even possible at all. Well, YouTube channel MobileFunTV claims to have a pair of “Lightning EarPods,” that is, the EarPods that are included with iPhones only now connected via the Lightning cable port. The video shows its connection and the included mic/remote in seemingly working condition, despite counterclaims made by commenters about its validity. Real or not, this would be a solution to the lack of a headphone jack–this “workaround” is similar to Apple’s use of the USB-C connection in the most recent Macbook where one port could serve multiple purposes all in the name of a more sleek design.

If these do end up being the real deal, how do you feel about the functionality and design of it? Leave your comments below.