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How to KEEP YOUR WALLET HAPPY and still be able to EAT like a BOSS!

Many people know how to eat, but very few knows how to eat like a boss while keeping their wallet happy.

So you want to eat well on a budget? No problem. Eating well is essential and encouraged because you are investing in your health which will carry you throughout your life. However, you don’t want to break your piggybank while scouring for your next morsel. Here are some tips on how to save money while eating nutritiously.

  1. Keep your refrigerator and pantry organized.

While this isn’t directly about purchasing food, it is crucial that you keep your refrigerator and pantry organized. How often does fresh produce go to waste because it has been has been long forgotten after you bought some other delicious items that you were all too eager to consume first? A good solution would be to somehow label when you’ve purchased a food item and plan your meals accordingly. Similarly, it is a waste of money when you end up purchasing the same herbs and spices that you already have but couldn’t find when your plans involve cooking something that requires these items. All this could be avoided by labeling and organizing your refrigerator and pantry.

2. Buy fresh produce when they are in season and freeze it.

Fresh produce can be expensive and if you find fresh produce for a good price, stocking up can really help you save during those off seasons. Lemons can always be juiced and stored in ice-cube trays for when you need some lemon juice. If you don’t enjoy prepping, stocking up on frozen vegetables can also be very nutritious. Frozen vegetables are picked at a window of time when they are at the peak of freshness and oftentimes flash frozen. Ultimately, this technique preserves the nutritional value of vegetables.

3. Embrace beans and grains.

You could use beans and grains to stretch your meat. Make chili and serve it up with some bread. Get creative because beans and grains go a long way to bulk up meals while giving you fiber and essential proteins. Or perhaps throw some of these ingredients into soup and repurpose it for another meal. These ingredients are extremely flexible and will go a long way in expanding your personal menu.

4. Try less expensive cuts of meat.

Chicken thighs, lamb neck fillets, and pork bellies might be tougher cuts of meat but there are cooking methods available that will make them more tender. After all, you are a tough cookie (pun intended) and daring to consume the tougher cuts will allow you to become a money saving warrior. Do your research at the library and save money on meat while learning new culinary skills!

Bon appétit!  

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