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FitLife Brands Has Lower Risk With Possibly Similar Upside To MusclePharm

As I've written recently in my article "Why Is MusclePharm Doing So Badly? Here's My Best Guess", MusclePharm (MSLP) stock has been doing badly in spite of my positive opinion on it. When such a thing happens, it's necessary to see if the original thesis still stands. It's also useful to see whether money could be deployed elsewhere at a better risk/return profile.

A comment in that MusclePharm article prompted me to look into FitLife Brands (FTLF) as an alternative to MusclePharm. The comment came from someone, Lares Capital, whose comments made me believe he was knowledgeable. So I took the time to go over FitLife Brands.

What I found, compared to MusclePharm

It turns out that Lares Capital had a case. There is much to like about FitLife Brands. For instance:

  • FitLife Brands acts in a similar segment to MusclePharm, selling nutritional supplements.
  • Fitlife Brands also uses