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FMC Corporation: A More Appetizing DuPont Takeover Target After Alkali Chemicals Divestiture

FMC Corporation's (FMC) products range from pesticides to biolpolymers. The company continues to transform as evidenced by their recent divestiture of their alkali chemicals business. FMC's shares decreased substantially in 2014 as agricultural markets were adversely affected by a number of factors around the world, while weak demand for the company's nutritional products in certain applications affected some parts of their health and nutrition business. Much of FMC's remaining businesses, however, are exposed to larger, favorable secular growth trends in agriculture; lithium, used in electronic vehicles; and an aging population that favors FMC's health and nutrition products. In the company's most recent quarterly earnings announcement, their profits increased as strong earnings in their health and nutrition and minerals businesses offset a decrease in their agriculture solutions business. The results for the agricultural solutions business were adversely affected significantly by weak demand in Brazil due to reduced cotton acreage, dry conditions… Read More …