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Here's Our Best Look Yet at All Three Upcoming iPhones

While we got a good glimpse of the dual-camera setup of the impending Apple iPhone 7 Pro recently, French tech leak website has published a comprehensive image of the three upcoming iPhone models lined up in all their glory for us to pore over.

Showing both the back and front of the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, and the new 7 Pro iteration, the lineup clearly denotes the 7 Pro as the premium model given that it is outfitted with a screen even bigger than the Pro’s, not to mention it is the only model to sport a dual camera and Smart Connectors at the bottom of the device, which will allow it to share power and data to peripherals.

However, this naturally means that the other two models will be left in the cold, even though the smaller 4.7-inch iPhone has traditionally been the company’s bestseller. What are your thoughts on this visual comparison? Let us know below.