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Better for Who?

Employment is up, the economy seems to be on a steady (if slow) upswing, and some optimism is shining through the fog of the past six years.  But the positive employment numbers released earlier this month mask some of the still-ugly realities of the current situation, says CNNMoney. Our part-time employment class is becoming entrenched, our long-term unemployed become less likely to find work as time goes by, and many have dropped out of the job market altogether- apparently not having gotten the memo about how awesome this recovery is.

The reality is that things are better than they were five years ago, or even this time last year, but an economy inching toward recovery is going to have as many setbacks to address in this stage as it is going to have milestones.  According to Fed chair Janet Yellen, who  has claimed that, in some ways, the job market is tougher now than in any actual recession, the above problems join stagnant wages (2 percent annual increases since the recession) and low workplace flexibility in contributing to the uneasy present.

So for now the recovery goes on like a fabled tortoise.  The hare, of course, is on Wall Street these days as the quickly re-won profits of the financial industry run far ahead of the average American family.  For now.