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Founder & CEO of eMoney walks out on Fidelity.

“Edmond is a brilliant guy, an incredible visionary, and someone with very specific views about the future,” Mr. Duran said. “And obviously it was very different than Fidelity’s goals, which bought the technology with a vision of its own.”

Edmond Walters left eMoney today. It’s VERY unlike him to walk away from a challenge; there must have been a problem with the Fidelity Mgt.

— Bob Veres (@BobVeres)

“Not only do they benefit from the use of this tool with their own advisers, but also advisers across the independent broker-dealer and registered investment adviser landscape that access the planning software,” Mr. Fronczke said.

“Fidelity has a long history of participating in both organic technology development as well as technology [venture capital] funding, so even with the departing of [Mr.] Edmond, eMoney is left in good hands,” he said.