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The 'Contour Mirror' Is a Mirror Designed for the Selfie Generation

London-based artist and designer Flynn Talbot has created Contour Mirror, an illuminated mirror installation that is meant to inspire introspection in all who gaze into it. The circular reflective surface of the art piece is riven with bespoke lighting elements that emulate the human fingerprint in abstract, symbolizing the act of “looking within and seeing what’s below the surface,” as Talbot explains on his website. Additionally, the mirror ever so subtly rotates so that your reflection is ever-changing, hinting at the fluid state of personal identity. As such, the reflection of the illuminated fingerprint within the viewer’s eyes thus bridges the relationship between object and viewer.

Contour Mirror was recently exhibited at the Spatial Illumination – 9 Lights in 9 Rooms exhibition in Seoul’s D Museum.