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The iPhone 6 Will Have A Bigger Screen

Apple (NYSE :APPL) is working on a 4.8 inch iPhone for the iPhone 6. The smart phone market is dominated by phones with large screens and though the iPhone is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in a average person's hand, Apple is missing out on the larger portion of the market that rather own a phone with a bigger screen. In my opinion people are just acting like sheep and are just desperate to have a phone the size of a flat screen television in their pockets. It makes sense for Apple, because they in the business of making money not passing up on opportunities to make it. I personally hate big screen phones they take up too much space in my pockets. 

Here is my question to you. Do you expect Apple to gain more market share now that they are finally making a phone with a bigger screen or will  Samsung still hold on as the market leader?