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Uranium Resources, Inc. (URRE)

Insider Purchases - Last 6 Months
Net Shares Purchased
Total Insider Shares Held7.96MN/A
% Net Shares Purchased
Net Institutional Purchases - Prior Qtr to Latest Qtr
Net Shares Purchased
% Change in Institutional Shares Held(158.54%)

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Sep 30, 2015RESOURCE CAPITAL FUND V L.P.Beneficial Owner (10% or more)225,071DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $0.89 per share.200,313
Sep 23, 2015WILLMOTT PAUL KENNETHDirector1,250DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) N/A
Jun 30, 2015RESOURCE CAPITAL FUND V L.P.Beneficial Owner (10% or more)169,909DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $1.18 per share.200,492
Jun 14, 2015VIGIL JEFFREY L.Officer8,889DirectOption Exercise N/A
Jun 14, 2015VIGIL JEFFREY L.Officer2,763DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $1.19 per share.3,287
Jun 4, 2015WILLMOTT PAUL KENNETHDirector13,333DirectOption Exercise N/A
Jun 4, 2015WHEATLEY MARK KDirector13,333DirectOption Exercise N/A
Jun 4, 2015STEVENSON TRACY AUSTINDirector6,666DirectOption Exercise N/A
Jun 4, 2015CRYAN TERENCE JAMESDirector13,333DirectOption Exercise N/A
Jun 4, 2015KAISER MARVIN KDirector13,333DirectOption Exercise N/A
Mar 31, 2015RESOURCE CAPITAL FUND V L.P.Beneficial Owner (10% or more)136,463DirectAcquisition (Non Open Market) at $1.47 per share.200,600
Mar 16, 2015MCCOIG DAIN AOfficer8,568DirectDisposition (Non Open Market) at $1.41 per...