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Is Turkey Battling ISIS Or Are The Kurds The Real Target?

Are Turkey’s recently well publicized efforts to join in the fight against ISIS Islamic terrorists a “come to Jesus moment,” as Zerohedge jokingly referred to it, or something else?

What is Turkey's real motivation after suffering electoral defeat to Kurds?

The Islamic group best known for lighting prisoners of war on fire, beheading those whose religion or politics they differ and enslaving and selling women they capture, ISIS has taken terrorism to new levels, literally scaring the pants off Iraqi troops that have a history of retreating when threatened.

Whipping up public support to tackle that monster, even in an Islamic state such as Turkey, can create a cloud of emotion that could influence elections. Is this the real plan behind Turkey’s move to fight ISIS – a method to beat down a political rival under the cover war fervor.

The world is a complex place and intricate and often what seems absurd, such as a Turkey planning an attack on its own nation to whip up war, is not unique

Think such talk of using war and complex deception is impossible? Just connect a few dots and realize the world is a complex place and those in control use a variety of methods to exert their will. In Turkey, for instance, the government of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is documented to have banned YouTube when a secret plan was revealed that had the nation's own intelligence apparatus planning to attack Turkey.

When the head of Turkish Intelligence, Hakan Fidan, had his private conversation with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu published on the video sharing site, it revealed an odd plan. Turkish Intelligence, the conversation revealed, was...