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Ad-Trap is Going to be Your Favorite Internet Gadget Ever and Might Be An Industry Changer

Ad Trap, is a small white box that resembles a wireless router, that can block ads on the internet before they reach your screen. The way it works is first you plug the Ad Trap into your wireless router and it will intercept all ads before they reach any device that is connected to your WiFi network. So that means your tablet, laptop, cell phones and desk tops are safe from ads. It even blocks the ads on YouTube video, which personally sold me. What's even better is they only cost $139. 

The reason why I say this can be an industry changer is because this is a tool they will boost the users experience when they are web browsing because we all hate ads. But on the same strength a company like Facebook which just made a killing off of their mobile ads in their last quarterly reports might be nervous about a product that can block their major revenue stream.