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Apple Chief Design Officer Sir Jony Ive Reflects on Decades of Historical Creation

Apple’s Chief Design Officer Sir Jony Ive reflects on two decades of design for a new vignette produced by the iconic tech giant. Looking back at Apple’s recent, historical 20-year run, Ive takes viewers on a rare visit to Apple’s design studio to pull back the curtain on the nuts and bolts of the company’s creative approaches. “For every finished product that you see, tools had to be designed, process had to be created and experimented with,” says Ive. “We worked very hard to create a studio that has all these different facets … we have really made it a practice to just have our heads down and work, and ignore — in some senses — all the reasons something shouldn’t be possible.”

This new visual exploration of Apple’s design studio comes to us in promotion of Designed by Apple in California, a new book which traces the same history spotlighted by today’s vignette. You can learn more about Designed by Apple in California here.

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