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​Tips On How To Collect Unemployment Benefits

Tips On How To Collect Unemployment Benefits

Have you recently been laid off by your employer? Many individuals are facing unemployment, which can take a drastic toll on your finances. Not only will you be facing loss of wages, but you will also be facing bankruptcy or foreclosure, if you do not make preparations for these changes. Below you will discover some tips on how to collect unemployment benefits.

Filing an Unemployment Claim

You will be forced to wait until you receive your last paycheck, before you can file an unemployment claim. Make sure that you visit your local unemployment office or call them to set up an interview appointment. You will need to supply them with your personal information including your birth certificate, social security number, layoff date, and fill out an application.

The Wait May be Excruciating

Every state’s unemployment laws will vary and you may be required to wait up to six months, before you begin receiving your benefit checks. Be patient, but do not give up on receiving the benefits that are due to you, because you have paid taxes in for many years.

Getting Fired

Individuals that were fired by their employer may also be eligible for unemployment benefits. If you feel like you were fired due to discriminatory reasons and can prove it, you will be granted unemployment benefits. If you were fired for negligence or serious misconduct, you will not receive benefits, just based on these reasons.

Resigning or Quitting

You should never resign or quit a job, just to try to score on unemployment benefits. Although, you may be eligible, if you can prove that the workplace conditions were unsafe. You must first start with your supervisor and work your way up to top management and alert them of these conditions, if they fail to correct them, then you may quit your job and receive unemployment benefits. Make sure that you do your homework, before you actually go this route, because your application may be denied any way.

Be Available and Willing

If you do receive your benefits, you will need to continue searching for employment. You will need to fill out innumerable job applications and show proof to the unemployment office. If you are offered reasonable employment, you may be forced to accept it, but there are some exceptions to this rule. If the employment offer does not match your career trajectory or if the employer forces you to join a labor union, you may not be forced to accept the offer. If the wages are significantly lower than your previous employment, you may also refuse the offer, without being penalized.

Professional Interview

You will have to undergo a professional interview, which is administered by an unemployment representative. Always be truthful and ready to accept employment, if it is offered to you. You may have to provide the representative with a copy of your most recent tax return.

You may not have to do a person-to-person interview. Instead you may be able to complete a telephone interview, which will be set up by the unemployment office in your vicinity. Make sure that you are available and prepared for the interview process.