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Media Watch: The Sniper Case

MalPaso Productions c 2014

I was making my usual rounds in the media, and I came across a piece in Yahoo where jurors on "American Sniper" murder case were giving an interview and talking a lot about the case. And their delibration. These comments really grabbed my attention. 

A bit of sampling:

Gregory 22 minutes ago 0 33

Honestly, I think jurors should be forbidden from discussing the reasons behind their verdict to the media. I definitely think jurors should be forbidden from getting PAID to do interviews to discuss their reasoning. It seems to me that a juror who ends up on a high-profile case would be thinking about more their own potential for financial gain then they would be concerned for seeing an impartial verdict reached. I am NOT saying the 'sniper killer' is innocent, and I'm NOT talking this one case in particular. I am just stating in general. I mean honestly, if you see a jury on a trial the likes of which remind you of the O.J. Simpson fiasco, you can't help but wonder how many of those jurors are wondering how much they can get for an 'exclusive' interview. Juror information should be protected and classified, and any juror who goes out seeking attention and therefore money, should be punished; it's a civic duty that is a cornerstone of our constitution. It shouldn't be a means to a fast, fat check.

Then this passionate line:

Retired Adv Executive 37 minutes ago 1 32

As a VN Vet I want to say nobody won this. I do not understand how anyone can watch the movie and say bad things about Kyle, he had a job, he did it, he was convinced he had to keep going back to protect his fellow soldiers. I saw men that got into the killing, they loved it, Kyle was not one of them, just troubled because he felt he let his friends down by not being there. I can relate to survivor guilt, it is damaging and will go with you to your grave. The animal Routh needs to be off the street, he was hiding behind PTSD to be able to do what he wanted even outside the law. I would prefer the death penalty because I don't feel like supporting this trash till the day he dies, God will deliver to him what he truly deserves.

An interesting question here from a vet:

Joseph 25 minutes ago 1 8

Hi folks!

I was just only wondering why the only man that was in this jurors news media video named Barrett during the interview, stated, he did watch the movie of Chris Kyle in American Sniper, and that it (the movie) gave him a better outlook and roll as Chris as a Marine, and he stated it twice, that Chris Kyle was a Marine, Chris was not a Marine, but Chris Kyle was a Navy Seal Sniper. Go back and listen to his interview statement, as he said it twice that Chris was a Marine.....

He didn't know the difference between him (Chris) being a Marine or a Navy Seal. Total Big Difference!!!!!

If he (Barrett) is that far out of it not knowing the difference between the two, I was wondering if his brain cells was functioning correctly to be on the jury is my guess????? I would also ask, why was any of these jurors allowed to be on the jury if they watched the movie, American Sniper?

Any Feedback Please!

Thank You!

Sgt., E-5

USMC 1968 to 1975

Vietnam 1969, and 1970-71

I'll let this sad statement close it out:

HoosierDaddy 13 minutes ago 1 6

Killing another human being is a terrible and tragic thing, regardless of the circumstances. Whether killing another human being in war, or killing someone in the defense of your home and family, the psychological impact is often the same. Just because one might firmly believe he is justified in killing during war or defending home and family, he will likely bear the emotional and behavioral scars for the rest of his life. Life on earth without the need to protect your country or your home and family is a fairytale. The most we can hope to do is support all those who do protect the rest of us with their brave willingness to sacrifice their own lives in our defense. In that regard, Routh, who had no combat exposure while in the military, got what he deserved.