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FauxDonald's: Fast food industry shifts as we become more health conscious, but are we more vigilant?

If you take the time to think about it, our worst excesses have often led to our best improvements as a society.  In response to rising rates of American obesity and heart disease, coupled with what was once a projected shorter life expectancy for the next generation, America has turned health conscious.  No, we're not perfect quite yet, but in only a decade the obesity rate for young children has decline by 43 percent.  Despite the stereotypes that have dogged Americans for years (usually at the hands of stereotypically rail-thin Europeans), our overall rate of overweight citizens is rather close to the British and the Germans (although the nation that gave us the frankfurter and Augustus Gloop may not be our best line of defense).

The habits of the pre-organic America of just a decade ago seem surprising; and to the average American, not just health nuts.  In another ten years, the old-school disregard for what's in your food and what it'll do to you may be as much of a throwback as the era (not too far-gone) when everyone puffed on cigarettes everywhere, every waking hour of the day (we've beat the Europeans on this front; Frenchmen and Greeks still smoke like paper mills).

McDonald's (NYSE: MCD) has been answering consumer pressure to reform their notoriously unhealthy food preparation in the face of new American and global health consciousness.  But how consiouss are we really?

Below, a Dutch gathering of organic experts gets duped into believing that bougied-up McDonald's classics are actually healthy, organic alternatives.

Could the rest of us be so easily fooled?