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Garmin Wants to Be a GoPro Killer With Its New VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera

GoPro may be the first name that comes to mind when you think of action cameras, but Garmin is no slouch either and now the Swiss-based, American-founded tech company — which is more often associated with its GPS technology — is looking to knock GoPro off of its pedestal with its latest cam: the VIRB Ultra 30. Packed full of features, the tiny little camera includes everything from a 1.75-inch LCD touchscreen and 4K recording to 30 fps shooting and tri-axis image stabilization. The VIRB Ultra 30 can even livestream to YouTube and be controlled by voice; simply say a command like “Garmin, start recording” and the device will follow suit. And that high-sensitivity microphone captures audio loud in clear, even when the camera is housed in its waterproof casing.

Garmin’s VIRB Ultra 30 is available online now for $500 USD.