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Out Fox The $treet: November 9, 2017

Stocks to watch on Thursday:

LendingClub (LC) - the fintech found some support around $4.50. With an enterprise value of $1 billion, the stock is an incredible bargain at this level. One needs to consider that loan applications were up 58% and that the revenue miss was mostly to the company tweaking credit models to find the best borrowers as opposed to some long term change the model. 

Square (SQ) - the mobile payments provider continues to generate impressive numbers. One needs to remember that the market cap is approaching $15 billion and adjusted revenue targets for the year are down around $965 million. The two numbers don't match so be careful up at $36. The momentum run will eventually die.  

GoPro (GPRO) - the company has operations under control making an investment below $9 appealing. A merger market cap of $1.3 billion with a return to profitability and a pullback in the competitive landscape is just what the doctor ordered for a rally. 

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Disclosure: Long LC