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Can you spot a chart pattern?

There are many studies, which have proved that profits can occur by trading chart patterns.

However, recognising chart patterns is not easy even for a skilled trader. It requires a lot of specialised training before one can spot chart patterns correctly.  Recently trading platforms became so advanced that finally pattern recognition is now available for individual traders too.

ActivTrades with over fifteen years of experience in the field developed the perfect tool to identify unbiased chart patterns.

How to benefit from the SmartPattern?

The SmartPattern detects chart patterns by scanning historical data to find repetitions, thus generating a detailed statistics about potential upcoming market movements, 24 hours a day, allowing you to filter trading opportunities for its prospect of success.

The SmartPattern is an expert advisor that integrates seamlessly with your MT4 and MT5 platform, allowing you to identify potential trading opportunities and take action immediately.


ActivTrades has a great offer of trading tools, from a simple to more complex ones that gives you the ability to excel in your trading.

I strongly recommend and for those interested in having such a tool just click here.