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VeriSign And The Salad Oil Scandal

Brand power

In VeriSign's (VRSN) recent conference call there was a part that reminded me of my last update on the company "VeriSign And The Importance Of Brand Power":

"I think if you watched the Super Bowl, for example, I think, pretty much everybody who advertised is branded .com. It's just a strong powerful brand and we do have the benefit of endorsements from every company that brands itself that way."

This answer was of course related to the never ending questions about gTLDs and how they might damage VeriSign's business. I have often stated that I'm with management on this and that VeriSign is far more than just a .com and .net domain registry service. If you can point to a history of 17 years of uninterrupted service and are basically the one that has kept the Internet up and running for almost two decades withoutRead More …