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Beware! China, Russia May Be Collecting Your Personal Data

The spy game is not what it used to be. Access to information, of course, remains at the heart of the spy business, but the methods of acquiring information and even the kinds of data that spy agencies are looking for has changed dramatically over the last decade or so.

PHOTO: Lionel Martinez, Flickr

Hacking is the name of the game in the spy business today, as governments are casting their data-gathering nets much farther these days. Government-sponsored or employed hackers from China and Russia are looking to break into virtually any public or private network to gather data on almost anybody. It used to be that foreign spies were just trying to gather data on government or military officials for potential blackmail purposes. Not anymore.

Today, hackers from China and Russia are looking to break into just about any network to try and find information about government officials or anyone associated with them, including colleagues, friends and family. A September 2nd report from CNN highlights that Chinese and Russian intelligence services are collecting...