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​Tomorrow’s Action List for Wednesday, August 24

  • (1)…Why have any action list, when it is AMD, AMD, and AMD?
  • (2)About AMD: Jan 20 2017 $6 AND $9 Call volumes surged today.
  • (3)Analysts are downgrading Iron ore. Be contrarian and buy BHP, CLF, RIO.
  • (4)Analysts are cautious on Chesapeake Energy (CHK) even though Moody’s changed its rating outlook to positive back on August 15.

  • (5)Wonder if Best Buy (BBY)’s 20% surge on August 23 will hold
  • (6)Speculate on FireEye (FEYE), Square (SQ), and Twitter (TWTR).
  • (7)Question Mylan’s ($MYL) future profitability in making mad stacks of cash selling EpiPens to nerds with peanut allergies. 

Post your action list in the comments, below.