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American Airlines Reported Increased Traffic For December

We all love American Airlines for the wonderful service they provide.  Well, they just reported a nice passenger traffic increase for last month, also with more load factor and capacity.  Compared to the previous year, the traffic went up 5.7% while capacity went up 19%.  Their revenue per available seat mile also went up around 9% compared to the year before.  US Airways' number went up 12%.

As we all know, last month marks the date in which American Airlines Group came to be, after American Airlines escaped bankruptcy and merged with US Airways, thus the largest airline was born.  From this merger, US Airways shareholders received 28% of the new company's shares, and American Airline's creditors will receive the rest.  Currently, their shares went up 1.9% reaching $28.15.  In the 9 days of 2014, the company's shares went up 9.4%.  Good stuff.