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Retirement Strategy: Magic? There Is No Magic To Investing For The Long Term

  • "Magic" is in no way, shape or form part of an investment strategy.
  • I will simply state that by following some very simple, basic rules most folks will do just fine.
  • Dividend growth investors need income that grows, not magic.

I feel the need to put my two cents in after reading yet another fine article by Chuck Carnevale. Right off the bat, let me say that while I currently do not use his service, nor any chart services, I believe that Chuck is the consummate professional and he absolutely knows what he is doing!

That being said, at the risk of being burned at the stake, I have to say that there is no "magic" to investing - and I am sure Chuck didn't even mean it that way, but many folks might just be confused, so I will politely add my opinion.

There is NO magic to investing. None whatsoever. It is my personal opinion that a long-term investor, especially dividend growth investors for retirement, can follow some very simple, basic steps while saving and investing for a more secure financial future, including retirement.

Just The Basics And Only The Basics

The article notes the following:

We cannot escape the obligation to forecast future earnings, because our results depend on it.

While it is one metric to watch, we have no obligation to forecast future earnings. The companies we choose to invest in have an obligation to their stakeholders to keep them informed.

We do have obligations, however, to our family, our financial future security, and to ourselves. I believe they are very basic and direct:

  • Start saving as soon as you can, and never stop.
  • Always spend less than you have coming in, and you will be financially secure forever.
  • Reduce debts to a manageable level that will be rather easily paid down from dividend income, Social Security, pensions (if one has any) and the money we have saved over time.