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We Just Tried Oreo's New Swedish Fish Cookies: Straight Trash?

We Just Tried Oreo's New Swedish Fish Cookies: Straight Trash? - MDLZ

Everybody loves an Oreo. That balance of chocolate cookie and vanilla cream makes for a delicious treat. Dunking them in a glass in milk enhances the enjoyment.

Changing the flavor, however, does not.

Oreo, a subsidiary of Mondelez International Inc MDLZ 0.06%, just released new Swedish Fish flavored Oreos. The Benzinga news desk did a little taste test and the results probably aren't what the cookie maker wants, as one desk analyst described them as "straight trash."

"Not very good," according to intern Dylan Wittenberg. "Oreo went way to far with this one. Only good part was the subtle chocolate cookie flavor, but it was overshadowed by the overly sweet frosting in the middle."

"It really smells like a Swedish fish," said one tester. "Tastes it really tastes like a Swedish fish. I think it would have tasted exactly the same if I would have gotten two oreo cookies and smashed a Swedish fish in the middle."

However, there were a couple of fans.

"This is toothpaste," according to another tester. "Would probably be good with less frosting. [But I] would eat again."

"When I ignore the fact that Swedish Fish Oreos are an example of a corporate brand attempting incremental innovation to stay relevant, I love them," said reporter Spencer White (pictured). "They are a surprisingly winning combination of chocolatey sweetness and pure processed sugar, and they challenge your brain to eat more to decode the sensory rush of its flavor."

What do you think?

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