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Do you have a 401(k) plan in mutual funds ? Congratulations – You probably own a stake in a gun manufacturer, whether you know it or not

I’m pretty aware that when I purchased the 500 largest firms on the NYSE, that I’d be getting a bit of everybody.  That was kind of the point.

That said, gun stocks are crazy.  We’ve got what should be a mature industry showing high P/E ratios.  Ruger for instance shows a P/E of 36.  That’s insane.  It’s more than Chipotle.  It’s triple Apple.

Gun stocks seem to be running completely on Obama taking all the guns.  At this point, any investment in guns should be purely political.  If it looks like Hillary is winning, buy.  If it looks like Jeb/Rubio is winning, sell.

In the hierarchy of things that I care about, the “social responsibility” of whatever companies my 401k is invested in is down there with whether or not my soda water carbonator is made in Israeli settlements.

Didn’t there used to be “Vice Funds” back in the 90s, when socially responsible investing started to become trendy? They would invest almost totally in all of the naughty industries: guns, booze, tobacco, porn, etc. Are any of those still around?

“As we stare at the financial smoking gun that enables gun violence, inaction is not an option,” Ms. James wrote in a letter to TD Bank. “If you want to do business with New York City, you can’t be in bed with companies that manufacture the agents that kill our children and families.”

A spokeswoman for TD said, “We are deeply saddened by the events in San Bernardino and our sympathies go out to the individuals and their families affected by this tragedy. As a matter of corporate policy we do not comment on the nature and specifics of our relationships with our customers.”

All seriousness have you seen there sales lately? Hold for a while.