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How To Massively Outperform The Market In Just 10 Minutes An Hour

Forget 6-Second-Abs. In just two 5-minute periods per hour, you too can become a billionaire guru "investing" expert, laud over your peers, and demand respect from every business media anchor. The trick is in our patent-pending "know when to buy 'em and sell 'em" timing model...


It's simple...

  • Buy stocks at 40 minutes past the hour (and sell 5 minutes later), and
  • Short stocks at 50 minutes past the hour (buying back 5 minutes later)...


And 50 percentage points of performance with no overnight risk (and no $29.95 per month fees)

Of course, prior performance is no reflection of future expected performance but when did that ever matter for the average dip-buying muppet?