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Cheap Growth And Stronger Expected Cash Flows Are Key To My Bullish Thesis On Colgate

I reiterate my bullish thesis on Colgate-Palmolive (CL); the company's aggressive efforts to strengthen its brand portfolio and ongoing expansion in key international markets have helped its organic sales base to grow and its market share to improve in 2014. And as the company remains committed to bring innovative products to oral care and other categories, I believe CL will witness healthy share gains in 2015, which will portend well for its top-line and bottom-line numbers. Moreover, I remain confident about the company's strong cash flow generation ability and expect that CL will continue to pay healthy dividend to its shareholders. Also, the stock offers a potential upside of 7.3%, as per my price target calculation, shown below. And moreover, the stock valuation remains attractive.

CL Set To Deliver Healthy Financial Performance In 2015
CL continues to capitalize on the growth prospects of emerging markets by focusing on international market… Read More …