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Mapping An Ungoverned World

For those paying attention, you might have noticed that the world seems to be getting more and more ungovernable of late. 

There are a variety of reasons for this - not the least of which is that in some states, outside governments are conspiring to destabilize regimes - but the phenomenon is manifesting itself across the globe.

There is of course Syria, where a hodgepodge of rebels, militant groups, and extremists are battling to wrest control of the country from Bashar al-Assad. To quote Ban Ki-moon, there are parts of the country that one might imagine resemble “the worst circle of hell.” 

There’s also Yemen, another theatre for the Mid-East proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia, where the fight between Shiite militiamen and a Saudi-backed alliance that includes the UAE and Qatar has cost countless innocent lives and destroyed parts of Sana’a, a UNESCO world heritage site. 

And how about Burkina Faso, the landlocked, West African nation which has seen more than its share of coups and countercoups over the past 12 months. 

And then Libya, another US foreign policy "success" story.

It is of course difficult to catalogue all of the cases where, for whatever reason, states become failed states, or where large swaths of territory become ungovernable, but Bloomberg has taken a shot at it.

We present a few examples of what is truly a sweeping infographic below and encourage you to check out the entire presentation here.