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If You Like Your Broken Markets... Treasury Futures Edition

"If you like your broken markets," it would appear you can keep them... but this time in bond futures. June 2015 30Y Futures prices are surging today (up a stunningly fat-finger-esque 7.4% (or 10 points)). This, however, is being traded... there is volume being exchanged... and at 151-19/32, it implies 30Y Bond yields will be below 2.4% by the middle of next year (from 2.99% today).

30Y Futs (June 2015) are up over 10 points today...


which implies a collapse in 30Y yields to 2.4%...


A) Fat Finger? (doesn't look like it)

B) Short-Squeeze?

C) Hedge at Any Cost...

D) Exchange Error