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Spotify Launches Gaming Section With Soundtracks and Playlists

There’s no denying the impact soundtracks have on one’s overall gaming experience. From the ambient odes that guide you through warfare in DOTA to the boom bap hip-hop and G-funk blasting from your stolen vehicle when cruising through Vice City in GTA. Music and games go hand in hand, Japanese composer Yoko Kanno is lauded for changing the history of anime music with recognizable scores such as the sound track to Macross Plus. Hence, Spotify has launched a dedicated Gaming section. The comprehensive game music library include scores from the aforementioned and many more. It also includes a playlists section, curated by various gamers and media platforms that’ll put you in the right mind space for each gaming session. With many tracks created exclusively for games, never really reaching a public audience, the subsection will surely introduce listeners to new tunes whether you’re a gamer or not.