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Ford: Self Driving Cars.

Ford may not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of innovation. The American auto industry has never lived down the terrible reputation it earned in the 80's. But times are changing, and the big U.S car manufacturers are once again bringing market leading innovation to the world. 

Its time to forget Tesla and remember Ford. 

Ford's Self-Driving Car Game Plan.

Ford is planning to build a fully automated vehicle by 2021, a mere 5 years from now. It is not the ambition of the plan that makes it interesting, but rather the strategy. 

Instead of attempting to sell self-driving cars to an arguably unready public, Ford plans to use them commercially for taxi services. This is an Uber killer. 


Ford stock has pretty much done nothing for half a decade, and I think this is unjustified. While investors should be cautious about macroeconomic factors (which are bearish imo) when considering a consumer cyclical stock, assuming the economy continues to improve Ford is a strong buy at these prices.