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HP and Dell: Mudsling or Merger?

In the wake of the Hewlett-Packard breakup it didn’t take long for main competitor Dell to pounce. In a statement to Bloomberg on Monday, Dell spokesman David Frink took the opportunity to swat at HP, calling their decision “complex [and] distracting” and saying it "appears to benefit HP and its shareholders more than its customers".

In the wake of those remarks, Fortune noted that they appeared to mirror a February 2013 statement HP had released criticizing Dell’s decision to go private and implying that HP would be actively after Dell’s customers.

Asked about the criticism at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit, HP CEO Meg Whitman, who will serve as chairman of both new HP companies and chief executive officer of the new HP Enterprise, laughed the criticism off, acknowledging the competitive climate in today's tech world.

"The partner reaction today, and the customer reaction, was universally positive" said Whitman, highlighting the need for a more specialized HP – or, rather, HPs – to meet the needs of the consumers. Dell, on the other hand, has tried to the spotlight the HP news afforded them to showcase their new status as a private company.

In spite of the snipes, speculation is now swirling as to whether Dell Chairman and CEO Michael Dell is considering a future purchase of HP’s PC unit, the still-embryonic HP, Inc. If so, Michael Dell might go from being sparring partners with Whitman and Dion Weisler, the executive vice president of the current Hewlett-Packard who will serve as the CEO of spinoff HP Inc., to being business partners.