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RE The Staples / Office Depot Merger

I just saw Clive's forecast about the pending offer of Staples for Office Depot, and, though I'm not a progressive like Clive is, I have to say that I found this comment on the internet (NYTIMES) really profound. This guy tells it like it is with no punches pulled. This is off of the article the times has about the merger--


Phoenix, AZ 1 hour ago

The ever expanding monopoly games continue unabated, with the blessing of our congress and "regulators."

From airlines to cellular providers to insurance companies to cable TV and on and on... the steam rolling American consumers rolls on. From 10+ competitors we now see many business with only one or two. In the good old days those were called monopolies, but today they are embraced as the lynchpin of a thundering stock market that continues to expand inequality - not free choices.

This disgusting spectacle has occurred on the watches of both Dems and Conservatives - all in the name of "freedom" and growth.

Will we ever see a breakup like the Ma Bell days in the 70's?

Don't hold your breath as today's politicians don't care about their little constituents - they are on the dole and could care less about that strange concept called competition.

II can't deny that there's a lot of truth to this. I'm all in favor of free markets and all that. But the monopolies of yesteryear are just the big companies of today. It's crazy, and the reason a little businessman can't make it anymore.

Good for you Brett B for giving the discussion a swift kick in the butt.