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“Anything that was posted under my name does not mean I posted it” – Trump

In one post, Nunberg allegedly called the Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter a “n—–.” In another, he allegedly called President Obama a “Socialist Marxist Islamo Fascist Nazi Appeaser” and mocked Obama’s proposal for “Kenyan” health-care reform, Business Insider reported. The posts have apparently been removed, although Nunberg’s Facebook account remained active Sunday. And the kicker? Donald Trump fired him once before in 2012. Honestly, what does it take to permanently remove a racist douche bag from his staff?

This is going to cost him support.  Not the racist remarks, but the disavowal of them.  When his campaign opened like a white power rally, it only really leaves one demographic for his supporters. Pretty sure all Trump staffers are by definition “overzealous.” This will keep happening and have no effect until Trump decides for other reasons to quit the race. It’s all pointless. Anyone who followed him on Facebook wouldn’t have a problem with it and his supporters likewise wouldn’t care about anyone else complaining about it. You can’t shame him out of the race, and that may very well be his greatest strength: his fan base of hate-filled idiots who are immune to logic, reason, facts, and any information that comes from anywhere outside their bubble.

Stephen A. Smith: Every Black Person Should Vote for the Republican Nominee for President in 2016

Funny how a libertarian magazine is claiming to know what’s best for black people…

“However, there is a concept on which race realists and mainstream whites can agree, and that is individual liberty. Some people theorize that whites have evolved a uniquely developed sense of personal liberty. This is where libertarians and race realists can find common ground.” Source

The “lily-white” movement began within the Republican party after the Civil War. From the first days of Reconstruction, a fight developed not only in Texas but across the South between white and black factions for control of the newly formed party. As white GOP leaders sought “respectability” among Southern voters and a conviction grew that continued “black and tan” involvement thwarted expansion of the party, the lily-white Republicans began an organized effort to drive blacks from positions of party leadership. Though Texas blacks appealed to Northern party managers to halt the movement, lily-whiteism flourished because Republican presidents after 1865 wanted approval from the Southern white masses. The term lily-white apparently originated at the 1888 Republican state convention in Fort Worth, when a group of whites attempted to expel a number of black and tan delegates. Norris Wright Cuney, the black Texas leader who controlled the state party from 1883 until his death in 1896, promptly labeled the insurgents “lily-whites,” and the term was soon applied to similar groups throughout the South.

Lewandowski said Sunday that “independent verification showed … they were on his account.”

Trump “does not condone” the Facebook messages, Lewandowski said.