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UPDATE: Forecast Time Frame Is Extended

Hi Fellow Traders,

Forecasting tool, which is available for all the users, is a very essential part of WhoTrades. It's a really convenient way to see how traders react on some of the market events. Especially during the earnings season -- using the forecast we can see if traders expect the company to surprise or disappoint at the upcoming earnings call. 

Some of the long-term investors on WhoTrades want to use forecasts for various trading events that may occur next quarter, or in 6 months and sometimes within a year. They've been asking to extend the maximum time frame for the forecasts up to one year -- and we're glad to say that now this feature is available.

Now you can create your Forecasts inside your own blog with a maximum term of 1 year, you just need to open up your post creating tool:

We're permanently working on improving WhoTrades platform, that's why subscribe and stay tuned!